Animals and Kids

Some things just go together naturally!

Bandit photoOne of the things a person learns living in the country is animals and kids just seem to go together. From 4-H projects to personal pets a youngster with a dog, a cat, a horse, a sheep, a steer or a pig just do better.

The young people learn a lot about responsbility, love, devotion and even the sorrow of losing a dear friend.

Many a youngster has grown up with his/her dog being their true friend. Asking for nothing more than food and water a dog gives unconditional love in return for a pat on the head and an occasional scratch behind the ears.

On these pages I will share with you some of my favorite true stories about animals I have known.

I would also like to hear some of your stories as well. Click the "CONTACT/COMMENT" button to send your story along.

You might want to have a Kleenex or two handy as sometimes kid and animals stories can bring a tear to the eye.

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