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January 28 2010


There are quite a number of pages entitled "F*** the Troops" on Facebook.

The use of the four letter  F word is offensive on a site that is wide open to people of all ages. I believe adults have a responsibility to monitor the type of language they use and the examples they set. Those that disagree are, in my opinion, just displaying their ignorance and lack of any class.

There is a link below that will take you to a page for a petition to get all the F*** The Troops off Facebook.

In the following posts is my response on the issue that was sent to Facebook. Do whatever you see fit.

Why does Facebook allow this type of disrespectful, hate filled, trash on the site? The name of the group is obscene and totally disrespectful to all Americans.  If it were not for the troops, current and past, these ungrateful, ignorant, low life bottom feeders would not have this wonderful country to live in and be allowed to spread their vile contempt for anything decent.

Using my First Amendment rights I will exercise my right to speak out. Get them off Facebook or my  page is coming down and I will spread the word to all my friends on and off Facebook through email, op-ed pieces, talk radio and TV commentaries. This is not a threat but rather a promise of my actions based upon yours.

James Lightfoot


Click below to go to Facebook petition.

James wrote on Petition to get "Fuck The Troops" kicked off face book's Wall.


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