Politics and Government

horse laughingFor many of us politics and government are only good for a boisterous horse laugh. Not to wear out an old saw, but it would be funny if it weren't so serious.

Unfortunately, nothing in our everyday lives escapes the tentacles of government, even the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Millions of regulations, written by faceless bureaucrats tell us "thou shall not" do this or that.

We do elect a President and Members of the House and Senate. These folks are charged with representing our views in government. It is a great system as long as the politicians do not put personal agendas ahead of the needs of our country.

In recent years the appropriate question to ask is, "Where have all our statesmen gone?"

Personal agendas have taken precedence over the good of the country and partisan politics has reared its ugly head to now be the norm rather than the exception.

Behind all the noise, TV lights, network news and the like there is another story that seldom gets told. As a friend and former award winning 25 year broadcaster told me after he had served on staff for a few months, "I thought I knew about government but the real story isn't anything even similar to what we are all led to believe."

In the stories that appear here I will attempt to take you behind the scenes, the spin and the hype and give you a glimpse of the, as Paul Harvey says, "The Rest of the Story". You might even find something to chuckle about from time to time.

Please check back often and/or bookmark this page as new stories will appear on an irregular basis, depending on the political landscape. Just click on the pencil below to be taken to an index of all the stories in this category.


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