Spread the Wealth?

Without a doubt, two of the best places on the face of this earth to think are on the back of your favorite horse or on the seat of a tractor.

For those of you that have never had the opportunity to experience either, let me explain. On the seat of a tractor, giving a pasture its last haircut of the season, you are not bothered by telephones, TV, radios or that blasted Blackberry going off every thirty seconds.

All you hear is the reliable and steady clatter of the engine as it sips black gold (that’s number two low sulfur diesel for you city folks). From the rear you hear the mower gears whining as the cutting blades strike the grass giving off a sound something like the blades of a fast moving helicopter.

Occasionally a rabbit will run out in front of you as it hears the steel monster approaching or it might be a wild turkey or a pheasant or all three. Today there was also a mother deer and her fawn.

Have you ever just watched a deer in the wild move? She and that fawn floated over a fence like they had wings. Yesterday I tore the crotch out of my jeans when I tried to climb that very same fence and got hooked on the top barbed wire.

As I was saying, there is not a better place to think because you really drive the tractor with your ears. Listening for a change in pitch or an odd sound or some other indication you may have trouble. Most of the time that never happens so you enjoy the warm sun on your back, the purr of the equipment, the occasional show put on by the wildlife and you just think. Think real hard and deep.

Today I was thinking about what that Obama fella said during his campaign for President about, “sharing the wealth” to that plumber guy in Ohio. Kind of an interesting proposition.

Now did he mean that all of the folks that work hard for their pay ought to give that no account guy we all know that hangs around down at the bar a portion of their hard earned money because the bum “deserves” his share of the wealth?

Or was he talking about what the government is doing right now. I mean, why should I be paying for somebody’s mortgage that shouldn’t have had a mortgage in the first place? The bank expects me to pay every month and they put the wife and me through a lot of hoops before we ever got our loan.

Kinda makes a fellow think he ought to just quit paying the bank and let the government pick up the tab. Appears that’s what a lot of folks are doin’.

Course, when you come right down to it, the government is us. I mean the working people that pay the taxes so the politicians can buy votes by promising to give our money to those that won’t work. Seems now those smart boys in Washington, DC think that everyone that sneaks into this country illegally ought to get paid too.

After rolling all this around in my head for a few hours, I think I figured out what that Obama fella means. He wants to take your money and give it to the folks HE thinks deserve it. It’s just that simple. He’s a lot smarter than us common folks and knows better than we do how our money should be spent.

So do a lot of those hot air machines in the Congress. They seem to have forgotten they are supposed to be working for us.

If memory serves me correctly, that’s been tried before in a lot of other countries and they all collapsed into ruin.

Yep, don’t think that fella, or any of the other so-called liberals, have a very good idea. Think they ought to study a little history; maybe early American history would be a good place to start. You know, learn about why all those folks left England, why thousands of Americans have given their lives around the world to protect the freedoms we used to enjoy here.

They might learn why a lot of us snap to attention and get a lump in our throats every time our flag goes by in a parade. I guess they would just say we cling to our guns and God when times get rough.

A little study might show them that is what has brought us through a lot of rough times and liberated millions of people all over this globe. You don’t get that done by sitting down and having tea with the people that hate us.

Well, it’s getting dark and time to head for the house. Just can’t buy that “share the wealth” idea. No sir, helping out folks that need help is one thing but giving them working people’s money just because some smarty pants in Washington, DC wants a vote just doesn’t sound all that American to me.